About us

By ASMR enthusiasts, for ASMR enthusiasts !

We, ASMR enthusiasts, have all our small requirements to be able to make these small moments of pleasure and relaxation even better. For example, when we want to listen to ASMR lying in our bed, but our headphones hurt our ears or prevents us from putting ourselves in the position we wish... And it is sometimes difficult to find the right products for it.

For this, we had the idea to create Asmry, which goal is to make an easier access, for everyone, to products that we have tested and most appreciated!

Later, we also had the idea, to ensure that the selected products are the most representative of the tastes of everyone. To allow all those who wish to test products at lower cost (subscribe to our newsletter to receive our test offers). Then we put on sale for everyone the most appreciated products!

Together, turn theses moments we love, even better :)